Inter-municipal cooperation

Murmansk city Administration cooperates with inter-municipal associations:

  • Interregional Association of the Subjects of the Russian Federation and Cities that Patronize Ships and Units of the Northern Fleet

  • Association «Council of Municipalities of the Murmansk Region»
    On the basis of the charter of the association and the minutes of the meeting on the admission of Murmansk city Administration to the membership of the Association of 18 May 2006. The main objectives of the Association are to ensure the protection of the rights of municipalities, to coordinate the development of the legal, organizational, financial, economic and territorial foundations of local self-government of municipalities.

  • Association of Economic Cooperation «Union of Cities of the Arctic and the Far North»
    Cooperation agreement dated 03 April 1992. The main goals and objectives of the Union are to contribute to the stabilization of the economy of the North, the social situation of the northerners; to preserve the unique nature, indigenous peoples, their culture and traditional crafts. The Union solves these problems by participating in legislative activities, using the legislative initiative of deputies from the northern regions, developing common approaches based on the exchange of experience, applying coordinated actions of cities in various areas. The Union consists of 52 cities and districts of the Far North and equivalent territories, the leaders of most of which persistently defend the interests of the northerners, seeking to form a serious, supported by laws and finances, state policy towards the North and the northerners.