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Sør-Varanger Municipality (Norway)

Sør-Varanger commune (Norwegian Sør-Varanger, Sami village Mátta-Várjjaga gielda) is located in the easternmost point of Norway, in Finnmark county. Beyond the eastern border of the commune is the Russian Pechenga region (formerly the Finnish region of Petsamo in 1920-1944). The population of the commune is 10,090 people (according to data for 2014).

In Sør-Varanger, in the village of Neiden, there is the center of the Kolt-Sami culture of Norway – Østsamisk museum.

Since the end of May 2012, an agreement has been in effect on visa-free travel in the border territories of residents of Sør-Varanger and the Russian Pechenga region.

Sights of Sør-Varanger commune:

– Monument to the soldiers of the Red Army;
– Oscar II chapel;
– Borderland Museum;
– Museum of the Sami artist Jon Savio;
– Pasvik National Reserve.

The mayor of Sør-Varanger commune is Mr. Rune Rafaelsen.

Sør-Varanger commune official website: