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IV International Festival of amateur photography We are the world

23 February 2022

On February 15, 2022, the IV International Festival of amateur photography "We are the world" of the sister cities of the city of Murmansk, dedicated to the year of the cultural heritage of Russia, started. The purpose of this event is to strengthen international and cultural ties, develop intercultural dialogue between the city of Murmansk and sister cities.

Any resident of the sister city of Murmansk can become a participant. Both families, clubs and creative associations, as well as individual participants can take part in the festival. One participant can publish an unlimited number of works.

Entries must be in line with the following topics:

– "Pride of the people" – a topic, referring to which, the author talks about the cultural heritage of the people, its history;

– “We are the children of the world” is the theme of universal values: human life, family, childhood, peaceful existence, memory of previous generations.

Registration of participants of the event is carried out through the hashtag #northsistercity under the publication or story published on the Instagram network. Photos will be accepted until May 31, 2022. Participation in the festival is free.